Monkey Mansion

Play Play Play!

Monkey Mansion is the amazing soft play area for children 3-12 years old!

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Chidren’s Parties

All inclusive
Children’s Parties

1 hour in Monkey Mansion + choice of any meal
from the children’s menu:
ONLY £7.99

1 hour in our 25 metre Pool + choice of any meal
from the children’s menu:
ONLY £8.99

45 minutes in the pool and 45 minutes in monkey
mansion + choice of any
meal from the children’s

Only £9.99


Monkey Mansion

Monkey Mansion is a large indoor soft play area which is available for children aged between 3 - 12. This can be used under the watchful eye of parents who have their own lounge area.

Why not make it a regular visit with your little ones? Spend time playing at Monkey Mansion followed by lunch at the Pines Restaurant. What better way to spend quality time at any day of the week?

Check out our menu and children’s menu here.

Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity!

Children’s Parties ‘extraordinaire’ !

If you’d like to go one step further and also have an entertainer or magician at your child’s party, or maybe arrange for one of our event angels to take care of all the details including decorations, cake etc., please visit the Events at Gurnard website here.

Children’s Parties

The panel on the right gives some ideas of the kind of basic children’s parties you can organise at Cowes Club. Please speak to our staff or contact us for more details.